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W.B. YEATS POEMS HEARD AND FELT IN NEW LIGHT ON “BRANDIES BAND” NEW ALBUM “YEATS TO MUSIC” : Lively, upbeat, good craic ye know, these 10 songs are written by Kris Van den Branden, singer of the band. “Red Hanrahan’s song about Ireland,” “When you are old,” and “An Irish airman foresees his death” have gained strong praise on social media. Hear them now by visiting the band’s site, Put on your dancin’ shoes. Perk up your day. Brandies Band will play the songs live in 2023 to celebrate the centenary of Yeats being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

New Folk Sounds: review

“This album tastes like more”; The music of the tracks reflect the broadness of Yeats’ poetry. The album contains intimate songs like When you’re old and powerful songs like Red Hanrahan’s song about Ireland. Even though the instruments suggest otherwise, Words is a wonderful folk song. Many of the arrangements have a symphonic character. Some contain a tinge of Händel (The song of wandering Aengus). On the whole the songs strike a fine balance between pop and folk.

Brandies Band – Yeats to music

Rambles arts magazine – review by Tom Knapp

“I like this album”. It is “a nice folksy interpretation of some amazing poetry. My favorite tracks include the lively opener, “Red Hanrahan’s Song about Ireland,” as well as “Wandering Aengus,” “No Second Troy,” “September 1913” and the stirring elegy, “An Irish Airman Foresees His Death”. Kris puts a lot of heart into his vocals, writing emotion from Yeats’ poems.”